Weddings & Party Planning Tips

Wedding Planning
Spirits of 66 ® offers a huge selection of fine wine, beer and spirits to compliment your special day. Stop by our store and talk with our manager to plan your special event.

The amount of alcohol consumed at a wedding reception varies based on your guests and the type of drink they choose - spirits, wine or beer. In most weddings, the guests have a range of preferences. The time of day chosen for the reception will also impact the amount of alcohol consumed. Guests tend to consume more at evening and late-afternoon receptions than a morning reception. Some guests will prefer soft drinks or water to alcohol, but as a general rule your guests will consume one drink per person per hour.

Spirits/Wine  Contents
Champagne     6 glasses
Wine 5 glasses
1 Liter of Spirits  18 drinks
Case of wine 12 bottles
Case of beer  24 bottles

If you decide to have a full bar, here’s an estimate of how much you’ll need per 100 guests.

Standard Bar Quantity (Per 100 guests)
Beer 2 cases
Bourbon 2 liters
Champagne  1.5 cases
Dry Vermouth 2 bottles
Gin 2 liters
Red wine 1 case
Scotch  1 liters
Vodka 6 liters
Rum 2 liters
Sweet Vermouth 2 bottles
Tequila 1 liter
Whiskey  2 liters
White wine 1 case

You may also add liqueurs, like Bailey’s, Grand Marnier, Cognac and Godiva.

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Party Planning
Spirits of 66 ® is your one-stop location for all of your wine, beer and spirits party needs. Whether you’re celebrating a twenty-first birthday, anniversary or a tailgate party - let us help make the planning simple for you, our customer.

Any party that is well-planned should turn out to be a memorable experience for your guests. However, there are several factors you’ll want to consider:

  • How long is the party going to last?
  • What time of day is the party? Guests tend to drink more at late-afternoon and evening parties.
  • What variety of drinks do you want to offer?
  • What type of birthday party do you want to have? Is it a cocktail party with light Orderves or are you planning a sit-down dinner with wine, or do you want to grill in the backyard and drink beer.

These are all decisions you will have to make, and at Spirits of 66 ® we’re here to help. One rule of thumb is that at a cocktail party where you plan to serve only wine or champagne, one bottle will serve every two guests every two hours. Another rule of thumb is that the average drinker will consume 1 drink per hour, unless you serve salty or spicy foods.

Spirits of 66® wants you and your guests to have a good time at your birthday party, but we want you to remember to drink responsibility.

Let us help you plan your next party!